Wirtrack Outdoor FlexBatt

The Wirtrack Outdoor FlexBatt beacon is a battery-powered GPS/GPRS beacon that can relay its position and other information (temperature, vibrations...). The beacon runs off a robust lithium battery with an IP67/IK8 case.

The Wirtrack Outdoor FlexBatt has the particularity to have replaceable batteries.

It is particularly suited for use in hostile environments and is ideal for road, maritime and rail transport.

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The beacon is multiapplication :

  • wagon, conteneur, trailor tracking
  • events and alertes reporting (door opening, movement,…)
  • fleet management (trailors, wagons)

Advanced features:

  • GPS / GPRS beacon
  • Long battery life - up to 7 years (based on one GPS log every 50 minutes and one GPRS transmission per day)
  • Tough case : IP 67 - IK 08 - small size (122 * 120 * 95 mm)
  • Rail certification (European rail network)
  • Dynamic provisioning and real time supervision - using M2M supervision and remote maintenance by KERLINK


  • Easy to deploy and configure - reducing operating costs
  • Extended life time - high reliability
  • Can be used in harsh operating conditions

Advanced remote supervision with Kerlink M2M Wanesy network

  • Automatic network discovery
  • Online dynamic provisioning (GPS and GPRS)
  • Real time supervision using a dedicated web interface(including information about the actual battery consumption)
  • M2M Quality of Service network by KERLINK (securisation, optimisation, etc)