Wirtrack Outdoor

The Wirtrack Outdoor on-board GPS/GPRS beacon is battery-powered and can relay its position and other information. The Wirtrack Outdoor beacon runs off a robust lithium battery with an IP67/IK08 case. It is particularly suited for use in hostile environments and is ideal for road, maritime and rail transport.

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The beacon is multiapplication :

  • wagon, conteneur, trailor tracking
  • events and alertes reporting (door opening, movement,…)
  • fleet management (trailors, wagons)

Advanced features:

  • GPS / GPRS beacon
  • Long battery life - up to 7 years  (based on one GPS log every 12 hours and one GPRS transmission per day)
  • Tough case : IP 67 - IK 08 - small size (130 * 80 * 55 mm)
  • Rail certification (European rail network)
  • Dynamic provisioning and real time supervision - using M2M managed services by KERLINK


  • Easy to deploy and configure - reducing operating costs
  • Extended life time - high reliability
  • Can be used in harsh operating conditions

Advanced remote supervision with Kerlink M2M Wanesy network

  • Automatic network discovery
  • Online dynamic provisioning (GPS and GPRS)
  • Real time supervision using a dedicated web interface(including information about the actual battery consumption)
  • M2M Quality of Service network by KERLINK (securisation, optimisation, etc)