Wirma Road

The Wirma Road system is designed for urban and interurban transport and provides fleet management, passenger information, priority at traffic light, fuel efficieny monitoring, etc.

Wirma Road is an open on-board sysqtem which combines three functions in one module : real time geolocation (GPS), communications (GPRS, WLAN, etc) and multimedia (audio output, DVI connector for display).

It has a large reserve of comptuting power and a large number of inputs and ouputs. Wirma Road in an integrated unit which can be upgraded with new services from the Kerlink product range (passenger information, fuel efficiency monitoring, etc) to meet changes in requirements in the operation of buses and on-demand public transport vehicles.

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Advanced features

  • Fleet management : geolocation, milieage counter, warning and alarms, communication between drivers and controllers, etc.
  • On-board passenger information: audible and visual announcement (suitable for disabled persons)…
  • Driver aids : fuel efficiency monitoring and priority at traffic lights
  • Mobile router : remote access to other on-board devices
  • WLAN gateway for passengers 
  • Web portal

Technical features

  • Linux-based module : ARM 926 EJS microcontroller
  • Integral GPS, integrated gyroscope and accelerometer
  • Communication functions: GPS, GPRS
  • Multimedia functions : integral 2 audio output 40W audio amplifier, DVI output for a screen
  • Flexible inputs and outputs : 4 ports Ethernet switch, 2 USB connectors, CAN bus, 4 RS 232 / RS 485 ports, 8 digital / counter / analogue ports 
  • Supervision and remote maintenance via the M2M network Wanesy