Wirma RM

The Wirma RM system is designed for urban and interurban transport. It is a lighter  version of the Wirma Road as it has neither GPRS nor  GPS.

The module is an upgradeable and integrated module : it can be fitted to buses and demand responsible transport vehicles to add new services from the Kerlink product range (passenger information, eco-driving etc…) to meet changing requirements.

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Advanced features

  • Management and control system: geolocation, kilometers counting, alerts and alarms, communication between the driver and the HQ
  • Embedded passenger information: multimedia information, sound and video announcing…
  • Driver assistance: eco driving and priority at traffic signal
  • Mobile router: remote access to bus equipment
  • WLAN gateway for passengers in bus
  • Web portal

Technical Features

  • Linux-based module : ARM 926 EJS microcontroller
  • Multimedia functions (2 audio output 40W audio amplifier, DVI output for a screen
  • Multiple input-output: 4 switched Ethernet, 2 USB, bus CAN, 4 RS232 orRS485, 8 IOs/ meter/analogic
  • Supervision and remote maintenance via the M2M network Wanesy