Wirnet 920/925 MHz


The Wirnet Station 920-925 MHz is a terminal designed to meet M2M & IoT connectivity service providers that want to operate their network by themselves.

The Station incorporates the Long Range « LoRa » ™ technology developed by Semtech and communication functions (Ethernet and 3G).

Thanks to a rugged case - IP 67 -, Wirnet 920-925 MHz can handle with harsh installation environments (moisture, dust, wind...).

Installed on the relay antenna of a telecommunications operator, on the roof of a building or a water tower, it can establish bidirectional communications with several thousand items of intelligent equipment (sensors, meters, connected things) which are several kilometres away.

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Simplified network setup : no repeater needed

Other solutions or protocole compliant (WmBus, 6lowPan, …)

Robust and waterproof (IP 67) for an installation in harsh environment

Low installation costs thanks to PoE power



Module running on Linux - ARM processor

WAN protocol : Open (ETSI M2M ), Ethernet or 3G

LAN protocol : Open(IEEE 802.15.4 & 6lowPan) on LoRa™ channels