Wirnet iBTS


Wirnet iBTS is designed to meet the needs of M2M and IoT service operators who want to offer a public IoT network
Wirnet iBTS makes easier the set-up of the network and end-points functioning. It enables to carry out the network, run out the maintenance and the supervision of the fleet of modules.

It can fit to cell densification need : by simply adding a module, the station can integrate a new function (localization for example) or even raise the area coverage (Cell densification). Its architecture has been subject to patents.

Installed on a high point (water tower, BTS), it can establish bidirectional communication with several thousand of smart devices away from kilometers.



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  • Modular and upgradeable architecture
  • Other protocols or solutions (WmBUS...) compliant
  • Robust and waterproof product (IP66) for an installation in a harsh environment
  • PoE power supply : low infrastructure cost


  • Linux - ARM processor
  • WAN protocol : Open(ETSI M2M), Ethernet or 3G
  • LAN protocole LAN : Open (IEEE 802.15.4 et 6lowPan) on LoRa™ channels