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"For nearly ten years, Kerlink has been firmly customer-oriented, using its technical skills, its capability for innovation, its energy and enthusiasm to meet its customers' many different requirements. In a rapidly expanding machine-to-machine market, Kerlink has developed a comprehensive range of solutions for communication between companies' information systems and fixed equipment, such as electricitys meters, and vehicles, such as public transport and railway wagons.

We have always aimed to provide solutrion to cover the core requirements for effective fleet management : improving operations (streamlining to increase profitability) and remote monitoring (to ensure that all vehicles are kept in good working order, wherever they may be).

Contact us - whether as a potential customer or supplier - and find out about our company culture, how you can benefit from our M2M solutions and how we can help you."

Kerlink can provide concrete solutions for remote fleet management and monitoring."

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The Rennes Atalante Association was set up in 1984 by Greater Rennes Council (Rennes Métropole) at the same time as the Science & Technology Park. Seen as a means to economic development through innovation and technologies, its aim is to stimulate the expansion and location of technology companies in the Ille et Vilaine area and to encourage the start-up of new activities with high added value. 


Via the collaborative projects and the synergies it develops, the Images & Réseaux worldwide cluster stimulates innovations in a key domaine of the new information and communincation aera : services and technologies associated with new digital content and media usage. 


Bpifrance helps companies to set up, enters stock exchanges, prospect on international markets.


Bretagne Commerce International is commissioned by the Regional Council to contribute to the development of the regional economy by providing free and confidential support to companies looking to access the european market through presence in Bretagne.